Thursday, April 6, 2017

Short update + latest mixes

Just a short update following the latest mix... realized I hadn't posted the one before, so here it is as well.

Besides these, I've been working on some new material, some as a musical follow-up to Loose Ends, and some in a more abstract / drone vein. I'll probably end up posting some of that, somewhere, at some point.

Surface Variations in the Snow by Gailes
Soucouyant by Anjou
Plains by Billow Observatory
Borrego Springs by Mary Lattimore
Modulated Tones No.1 by José Silva
Demut by Vermont
First Wave FM by Sun An

Fighting Duran by Julia Holter
Trails and Trials by Noveller
Burning From the Edges Inward by Botany
Release Technique II by Jeremy Harris
Glass by Mirko
Remous by La Petite Vague
Broken Corners by 1 Mile North
Headache by Grouper

Photography on both counts by Constantin Dubois.

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