Monday, September 2, 2019

Introducing Pandorama

Pandorama is a new project of mine, in which I explore the most beat oriented / melodic electronic material that was on "Loose Ends".

"Aphantasia" is one of 2 new releases that will be available on limited tape / digital on Sept 15th.

Sunday, December 30, 2018


Wow, another year...

No top 10 this time around, but a playlist of things I loved, with links to Bandcamp so you can listen and support the artists you like. is a pretty cool thing put together by Avalon Emerson and others to encourage people to use Bandcamp, so that artists actually get a cut of any money transaction involved.

Besides the above, personal standouts from 2018 included...
Drinking Pit Caribou beers in Montréal
Watching Les Garçons Sauvages / Ultra Rêve
Finishing two albums (including the one I alluded to in my last post)

And there's more to come. Hopefully I'll finally release new music in 2019. Make sure you subscribe to that newsletter! Yeah, on the right hand side.

Happy new year!

(And below the mixes I didn't post about from 2018:)

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Short update + latest mixes (2)

So I've been up to a couple of things!

I helped mix / produce the latest EP from my friend Finish Your Meal!, "Y". You can listen to it / download it here (or if Spotify's your thing, that would he here).

I've also been working extensively on my still untitled new album, which I'm hoping to finish during the first half of 2018; it actually is the first time that I'm working on a solo album proper... expect a more electronic follow-up to Loose Ends: less guitar, more beats & melodies.

The Winter mix is freshly out (below it, two mixes that haven't been posted here):

Trillium by Peals
Tuned to Monochrome by Gregg Kowalski
Somersault by Loke Rahbek & Frederik Valentin
Tahoe by Dedekind Cut
Didem by A Lily
Upper Windrush by The Transcendence Orchestra
Twin Peaks Episode #30 (remixed by James Plotkin) by Stars of the Lid
We by KJ

Andra Verkligheten by Axel Willner
To Feel Your Best by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith
Same Time Next Year by Benoit Pioulard
Tropopause (Loscil Remix) by Lusine
Superhabitat by Ogive
Au Point Du Jour by Elodie
RH Negative by Rafael Anton Irisarri
Silo by Auburn Lull

Sunsight by Golden Retriever
Fullmoon by Ryuichi Nakamoto
Comet by Christopher Willits
Platteville by Thet Liturgische Owäsendet
Murmuration I by Pausal
Narcopop6 by Gas
Starlight and Black Echo by Chihei Hatakeyama
Riga Black by Chuck Johnson

Photography, as usual these days, by Constantin Dubois.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Short update + latest mixes

Just a short update following the latest mix... realized I hadn't posted the one before, so here it is as well.

Besides these, I've been working on some new material, some as a musical follow-up to Loose Ends, and some in a more abstract / drone vein. I'll probably end up posting some of that, somewhere, at some point.

Surface Variations in the Snow by Gailes
Soucouyant by Anjou
Plains by Billow Observatory
Borrego Springs by Mary Lattimore
Modulated Tones No.1 by José Silva
Demut by Vermont
First Wave FM by Sun An

Fighting Duran by Julia Holter
Trails and Trials by Noveller
Burning From the Edges Inward by Botany
Release Technique II by Jeremy Harris
Glass by Mirko
Remous by La Petite Vague
Broken Corners by 1 Mile North
Headache by Grouper

Photography on both counts by Constantin Dubois.

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Summer 2016 Mix

Ben Rath - A Moment (Reconsidered) 00:00
Huerco S. - A Sea of Love 04:50
Nils Quak - Skyline of an Absent City 11:35
Billy Gomberg – Caprice 15:05
Russell Glynn – Measured 19:57
kj – Sail 25:25
Leoscombu Couti - U-Ill 31:05
Dag Rosenqvist - Come Silence 38:24

Photography by Constantin Dubois.